Grazing chains

A grazing chain is a practical tool that is useful in cattle husbandry. They are a more durable alternative to ropes or cordage, which are not strong enough to be sure of their effectiveness, and are also less hygienic and wear out more quickly. When an owner leads his herd out to graze, he should be confident that all cattle are properly secured before leaving the pasture. Grazing chains must therefore be optimally strong so that they can effectively restrict the cattle's room for manoeuvre. They should also be long enough so that the animals tethered to them have some freedom of movement.

Our grazing chains are adapted to the strength of the animals for which they are designed, as the links are made of strong wires. They are also the longest products in the farm chain group, produced in 5, 6 and 7 metre versions. Each chain of this type is finished on both sides of its length with metal elements enabling its use - a ring and a fastener with a swivel attached to the animal's collar.

Grazing chains

łańcuch pastwiskowy

Technical specifications
wire diameter d [mm] chain length L [mm]
3 5000
4 5000
5 5000
6 6000

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