Type L forestry nets

A cheap and fast way to make a fence. L-type forest netting combines lightness with strength. It effectively protects woodland areas, agricultural fields, orchards and gardens from wild animals. It also works well as a low-cost fence for building and holiday plots, or even as a temporary fence for outdoor events. By choosing L-type forest netting, you are opting for a solution that is both economical and effective. It is an investment that provides security at an attractive price.

Technical parameters:

  • Guide wire thickness: ø2.0 ±0.09 mm
  • Centre wire thickness: ø1.6 ±0.09 mm
  • Galvanised layer on wire: 80 g/m²

Are you interested in stronger types of forestry netting? You will also find them in our offer. Have a look at the sections Forestry nets type M and Forestry nets type M-AS.

  • ";304x208080/5/30
  • ";9.58x108080/9/9.5
  • ";152x157x10100100/10/15
  • ";302x157x10100100/10/30
  • ";152x156x102x5100100/11/15
  • ";302x156x102x5100100/11/30
  • ";151x156x105x5100100/13/15
  • ";301x156x105x5100100/13/30
  • ";153x1014x5100100/18/15
  • ";156x151x10100100/8/15
  • ";306x151x10100100/8/30
  • ";9.511x10110110/12/9.5
  • ";156x152x102x5120120/11/15
  • ";156x152x102x5120120/11/15
  • ";153x202x153x10120120/9/15
  • ";303x202x153x10120120/9/30
  • ";151x1511x10125125/13/15
  • ";301x1511x10125125/13/30
  • ";152x201x154x106x5125125/14/15
  • ";302x201x154x106x5125125/14/30
  • ";9.513x10130130/14/9.5
  • ";152x155x1010x5130130/18/15
  • ";302x155x1010x5130130/18/30
  • ";302x155x1010x5130130/18/30
  • ";153x206x15150150/10/15
  • ";303x206x15150150/10/30
  • ";301x208x152x5150150/12/30
  • ";152x202x158x10150150/13/15
  • ";302x202x158x10150150/13/30
  • ";153x202x153x106x5150150/15/15
  • ";303x202x153x106x5150150/15/30
  • ";152x202x153x1010x5150150/18/15
  • ";302x202x153x1010x5150150/18/30
  • ";151x204x1514x5150150/20/15
  • ";301x204x1514x5150150/20/30
  • ";152x208x15160160/11/15
  • ";302x208x15160160/11/30
  • ";151x202x1511x10160160/15/15
  • ";301x202x1511x10160160/15/30
  • ";153x202x154x106x5160160/16/15
  • ";303x202x154x106x5160160/16/30
  • ";1016x10160160/17/10
  • ";151x202x156x1010x5160160/20/15
  • ";301x202x156x1010x5160160/20/30
  • ";151x202x153x1016x5160160/23/15
  • ";301x202x153x1016x5160160/23/30
  • ";9.517x10170170/18/9.5
  • ";153x202x153x106x52x10170170/17/15
  • ";303x202x153x106x52x10170170/17/30
  • ";153x208x15180180/12/15
  • ";303x208x15180180/12/30
  • ";152x206x155x10180180/14/15
  • ";302x206x155x10180180/14/30
  • ";151x204x156x108x5180180/20/15
  • ";152x202x155x1012x5180180/22/15
  • ";302x202x155x1012x5180180/22/30
  • ";152x202x153x1016x5180180/24/15
  • ";302x202x153x1016x5180180/24/30
  • ";153x208x152x10200200/14/15
  • ";303x208x152x10200200/14/30
  • ";153x202x1511x10200200/17/15
  • ";303x202x1511x10200200/17/30
  • ";153x206x151x108x5200200/19/15
  • ";303x206x151x108x5200200/19/30
  • ";153x202x156x1010x5200200/22/15
  • ";303x202x156x1010x5200200/22/30
  • ";153x202x153x1016x5200200/25/15
  • ";303x202x153x1016x5200200/25/30

What distinguishes forestry netting?

The wires of the forest netting are arranged in characteristic horizontal and vertical lines. In addition, they have a specific weave. This makes the structure of the netting resistant to stretching. We have been producing forest fencing nets for many years. Our constructions are well able to cope with the pressure of small as well as large forest animals. We use high-grade galvanised wire for production. The robust material makes Mostostal-Met nets extremely resistant to harsh weather conditions and corrosion. They fulfil their protective role for a long time, which is extremely important in a humid forest environment.

Where are forestry nets used?

The primary purpose of forest nets is to protect young forests and any agricultural crops from wild animals. Forest net fencing effectively protects the area from animal intrusion, thus preventing damage caused by animals. Selected types of forest netting are used as highway netting. Installed along roadways or railway tracks, it avoids unpleasant incidents involving animals. It protects the travelling public from accidents as well as the animals themselves, for whom a collision with a vehicle generally ends tragically. Forest netting can also be used to fence off construction sites. Due to the low price of the product, it is an excellent temporary solution until the project is completed. For the same reasons, this product is popular with customers fencing pastures or other extensive areas. We also recommend forest fences because of their quick and easy assembly.

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