Durable herpatological nets from the manufacturer

Among other things, we manufacture so-called herpetological nets, popularly known as amphibian nets. These are technical nets with fine meshes, installed to protect small animals that are often lost on highways. They are also homing amphibian nets, which in a way point the way for small animals and direct them to the footbridges and walkways prepared for them. It is also an effective barrier to cover road culverts.

Features of our brand of herpetological nets

As for our herpetological nets, they are nets with a characteristic dense grid. Dirt and sediment flowing in the ditches are retained on it. Small game - reptiles, amphibians and rodents that have no right to squeeze through the small mesh size - will not get through it either. Amphibian nets also have a lightweight and aesthetically pleasing construction that is resistant to weather conditions. These nets do not fade when exposed to the sun and retain their technical properties despite exposure to rainfall, incoming water and low temperatures. They belong to the group of stainless steel technical nets, which are made of metal protected against corrosion, which significantly increases their service life. These nets also have the advantage of being easy to install and, later on, maintenance-free. As they are not expensive products, they are the best and most cost-effective protection for motorways and road culverts.

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