Fibres for concrete

Making concrete screeds that will be subjected to heavy loads or intensive use requires reinforcing the substrate structure. In areas such as machine halls, truck parks or manoeuvring yards, the use of a traditional cement mix significantly increases the risk of cracking and crumbling. To give it greater stability and strength, steel fibres are used for concrete. Mostostal-Met specialises in the production of technical mesh and other wire products, which include steel fibres. The 1/50 products we offer are designed for micro-reinforcement. Depending on the designed properties of the substrate, fibres for concrete can be added at a rate of 20 to 35 kg per m³ of mix. Natural aggregate with a grain diameter of up to 16 mm can be used in concretes with steel fibres. The class of concrete should not be less than B25 and the w:c ratio should not be greater than 0.6. Chemical admixtures that do not corrode steel fibres may be used to reduce the amount of batch water.

Technical specifications

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Parameters 1/50
d [mm] 1,0±10%
L [mm] 50±10%
I [mm] 2,5±10%
h [mm] 2,0±10%
α [°] 42±10%
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  • Application

    They can be used as homogeneous dispersed reinforcement, particularly in concretes for industrial floors, traffic surfaces and for non-structural precast elements.

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The steel fibres we produce have received the relevant Technical Approval: ITB AT-15-6756/2005 and Hygienic Attestation: HK/B/1133/01/2005.

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