Chains on reel (economic)

Our most versatile product is the common household chain. It is a long chain on a spool, useful in any workshop, farm, home or business. It can be used as a well chain, a chain to secure railings or a product for hanging swings or pots. In many situations, it is also used by companies associated with forestry, industry and construction.
The utility chains of our production, are short- and long-stranded products, protected against rust by galvanisation. In the process of galvanisation, the metal gains longer life and becomes more resistant to external conditions. Therefore, our chains are not harmed by humidity and minus temperatures, and their shelf life is extremely long. Furthermore, they are made with great care, which further increases their value.

Cart chains

We are also a manufacturer of hauler chains designed for special tasks. These are extremely strong products that are used for skidding and timber transport. As this type of chain needs to be more resistant to load, we manufacture them from thicker links. The strongest hauler chain we manufacture is made from 10mm diameter wire.

Cart chains

łańcuch wozowy

Technical specifications
wire diameter d [mm] chain length L [mm]
6 4000
8 4000
10 4000

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