Soft Glow Wire

Wire is used in a very wide range of applications in many areas of manufacturing, crafts and in agriculture and horticulture. Among the many types of wire made from various alloys and metals, one of the varieties is soft-golded wire, which our company offers. Its characteristics include high shapeability and resistance to breaking. As a result, it can be used wherever it is required to adapt its form to specific needs. This is why it is used not only by companies involved in construction or horticulture, but also in floristry, product packaging, baling waste or straw, tensioning mesh fences, etc. Soft filament wire is also suitable for use in high plantations, where it is used to mark out tracks and create supports. The product is highly valued for its economical use, ease of shaping with low brittleness, and relatively low price. We offer soft glow wire in several diameters.

Drut żarzony miękki

Technical specifications
wire diameter 0.5 - 8.0 mm
weight of wire coils 0.5-1.2 mm: up to 40 kg
from 1.4: 100-140 kg

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