Welded mats

Welded mats are mainly used as reinforcement elements. They are regular meshes with square meshes arranged in horizontal and vertical rows. By replacing the wire splicing technique with hot splicing, welded mats maintain structural stability and are flatter than fencing meshes. As standard, they are manufactured from bare wire, which ranks among the cheapest materials. The parameters of such wire are adapted to construction needs, as the mat, embedded in a layer of concrete, is not exposed to corrosive factors. On request, we also produce welded mats from galvanised wire for special applications. The products we offer have standard technical parameters and are available in 1000 x 2000 mm sheets. For customers who are looking for products with other parameters, we also recommend our welded meshes - they are ideal as reinforcement elements.

Technical specifications

mata zgrzewana

wire diameter 2.5 mm
mesh sizes 100×100 or 150×150
sheet size 1000×2000 mm

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